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Daniel Kim

As a former PGA Tour of Canada touring professional, Daniel brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the realm of developing high-performance golfers. With a robust decade-long tenure as a touring professional, spanning journeys across North America and engagements against world-class competitors on various tours, his insights carry substantial weight.

One of Daniel's standout qualities is his skillful communication with clients, providing clear and accessible feedback while establishing a solid foundation for rapid and effective development. He perceives his coaching role as more than just troubleshooting; rather, it's about guiding and leading individuals on their path to elevating and refining their game. This approach and mindset have matured through years of personal growth and experience, cultivated under the mentorship of his longstanding coach, Henry Brunton (Golf Magazine Top 100 Coaches in America).

Daniel collaborates with golfers of diverse ages and skill levels, making a single request of his clients: to come with a positive attitude and a keen willingness to learn. Should you have any inquiries about Daniel, his coaching availability, or rates, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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