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Discover the ultimate indoor driving range experience at our two of our locations in Toronto and Aurora. Immerse yourself in state-of-the-art golf simulators, perfecting your game in the comfort of our indoor facilities. Book your session today and take your swing to the next level!

OUR rate

With our affordable rates, you can enjoy the thrill of the game without worrying about the coldness. Embrace the winter season without sacrificing your swing – take advantage of our limited-time rates and keep your golf game in full swing all year long! 

Introducing our exclusive Early Bird Rate at  the Toronto Location! ⏰ Enjoy the thrill of the game between 6 am to 10 am on weekdays and seize the opportunity to elevate your skills at unbeatable prices:

🔥 Regular Bay: $9.99 + HST

🚀 Premium Bay: $12.49 + HST

Premium bay with Auto Tee system

Toronto - Bay 5 - Hawaii
Aurora  - Bay 5 & 6 Augusta & ST. Andrews


Step into the future of indoor golfing with our Premium Bay featuring the Auto Tee-up System. Elevate your game with perfect tees, ultimate comfort, and cutting-edge technology. 

​Say goodbye to interruptions and distractions – your practice sessions will flow effortlessly, enhancing your ability to refine your skills and achieve your personal best.

classic bay - BOth Handed

Toronto - Bay 2 Troon
Aurora  - Bay 2 & 4 Riviera & Pine Valley

Experience golf without limitations in our classic simulator bay, suitable for both left and right-handed players. 

Our private room can accommodate up to four players, offering various height rubber tees and unlimited balls.

To learn how to change the sensor on our simulators, please consult our Q&A Section or click here

classic bay - right handed

Toronto - Bay 1,3,& 4
Aurora  - Bay 1 & 3 Aurora & Oakmont

Enjoy golf without limits in our traditional simulator bay, perfect for right-handed players at an affordable price.


Our private room can accommodate up to four players, offering various height rubber tees and unlimited balls.

Indoor Golf driving range in toronto and aurora

Illustration - Ball on Tee



Indulge in endless swings and perfect your game with our unlimited ball offering

Illustration - Calendar


Secure your spot by reserving up to 3 days in advance

Illustration - People



Whether you prefer a solo session or a golfing get-together with friends, we have you covered

Illustration - Sensor


Unleash your potential with confidence with our cutting-edge sensors and Impact Version System

Illustration - Room



Refine your swing in a private setting or gather with friends for a lively session — all of our bays offer private room settings

Illustration - Dollar Sign

worry-free reservations

Flexibility at Your Fingertips: Reschedule or refund your booking with a 5% fee

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